Our Mission

Discipleship in action

Disciples creating disciples

“And He called unto Him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two” (Mark 6:7).

It’s our conviction to enable and train local Philippine lay missionaries in Bible, agriculture, education and medical to go out two by two into remote mountain villages, where the people are in need of the gospel and the saving grace of Christ and to teach them the love of God.

We are convicted that we need to raise the standard, live by it, and prepare a people into God’s church who also love, trust and obey the God we say we love, and teach them to also have the missionary spirit to disciple their own. After seven years, almost half of our team is just that–tribal converts trained as missionaries, converting others with the help of God’s Spirit.

We need to educate, train and give hope in a world where that dream is quickly fading away. We see the need to further train those consecrated missionaries that have a genuine burden for souls that you and we share.

It’s our conviction to help widows and children who are in the fold, who otherwise couldn’t survive without a little help.

There is also a burden to cover the Philippine mountains with radio signals, along with solar-powered messages in the local dialect. We have begun this work.

After years of praying for the Lord’s will in building a center to teach life skills to tribal missionaries and to train them to become missionaries to their own people, the center is becoming a reality. We are excited that the door has begun to open as we work on the construction of this project based on the original Madison School of the South back in the 1800s.

With God’s help, we will continue to find ways to work for the Savior until He comes to receive His people. Amen.

Our mission includes training local Philippine missionaries in Bible, agriculture, education and medical to go out two by two into remote villages.

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