We’ve been praying about this project for many years. Finally, construction on a mission post has begun. This is where tribal converts will come to be trained in an intensive program. They will study the Bible and learn natural remedies, agriculture,and life skills that will equip them to become missionaries to their own people group. The concept is based on the Madison School established in the South back in the 1800s.

At the mission post we have begun an intensive agriculture program as well. We are experimenting with different crops that can be grown without pesticides, using organic fertilizers that we make. As the time of trouble approaches and funds from supporters dry up, we want to be able to feed any and all missionaries who feel they can continue without a stipend. This is another reason we feel the need to train tribal converts who demand less and have no debt, unlike a coastal volunteer who has a family in the coast to support as well as themselves in the mission field.

Funds may be used to build small huts, a women’s dorm, and to install an electric transformer, water lines and fences. There are ongoing operating costs as well, and we need roughly $40,000 to meet the needs.

Cost: Roughly $40,000